Coding, Robotics and Engineering For Young Students

This is a really  good guide for teachers of any kind to teach coding for robotics to K-12 kids.

This book outlines course plans for a curriculum to guide kids though electronic programming without any knowledge required on the part of the student. This book does make some basic assumptions that the teacher has some kind of knowledge about how to use a computer and has a grasp on some basic electronic knowledge.

This will provide the teacher with a course outline, Lesson plans and materials, information about how to conduct the lessons and notes and suggestions for the teacher. It also provides some suggestions for variations on the lesson plans.  Coding, Robotics and Engineering for Young Students follows the same layout for each chapter but varies the content to create a  very recognizable and repeatable lesson preparation method for each chapter.

The outline of the text guides the teacher and students though the methods for creating code, finding a reason for the code and then introduces various scenarios and the projects from there teach strategy and technique. The book follows up with a section on how to program specific behaviors and functions into the electronics. Finally there is a section just for the teachers about how to assess the results of the lessons.

There are references in the back of the book for where to get the software and hardware needed for these lessons.

In all I would suggest this book for home schoolers and teachers of any age of kids.

The lessons are engaging, guided and well organized.

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